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Recovered Shoppers Prove +20.5% Boost to Revenue

Download UpSellit’s Industry Report to discover how recovered abandoning shoppers positively impact:

  • Repeat customer lift
  • Repeat purchase rate
  • Repeat purchase revenue

Discover the lasting impact of recovered customers in our Industry Report.

Industries Included in the Report:


Fortune 500 Fashion & Apparel Companies


Top 10 Consumer Electronic Retailers


Major Health & Wellness Brands


Leading Beauty & Cosmetics Retailers

UpSellit provides marketers with new revenue from their existing traffic with hyper personalized conversion strategies targeting new visitors, repeat customers, and abandoning shoppers. This report specifically examines new customer acquisition campaigns from 50 different accounts across four different industries.

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UpSellit helps the internet's biggest brands boost sales, capture new leads, and increase new customer acquisition. With its in-house creative and development teams, UpSellit perfectly aligns its technologies at targeted stages of the conversion funnel serving as an extension of your marketing team.